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 "With self-government is freedom, and with freedom is justice and patriotism."
– Lajos Kossuth

The Országház is an Industrial Era Wonder in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It must be built along a River.


The Országház helps advance you toward a Diplomatic Victory thanks to its ability to generate more Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor based on your Suzerainty with city-states. Since Envoy Envoys are a somewhat limited resource, this wonder is especially useful for civilizations and leaders that can create Envoy Envoys independent from the civics tree (i.e. the number of Envoy Envoys that everyone is guaranteed to have). This includes Hungary (fittingly), Georgia, Greece, and America under Rough Rider Teddy. Run policy cards that boost Envoy Envoy generation rate in combination with Kilwa Kisiwani, and you will be surrounded by your army of protectorates in war and generous bonuses of Faith Faith, Production Production, Science Science, Gold Gold, and Culture Culture in peace.

In the Barbarian Clans game mode, the ability of Barbarians to civilize makes the Országház a must-have wonder, especially on larger maps. Late in the game, when all the outposts that spawned in remote areas have become city-states, its potential to help its owner generate Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor is nothing short of astronomical.

Civilopedia entry[]

Orszaghaz translates to “House of the Country” but is better known as the Hungarian Parliament Building. This important building houses the members of Parliament, Hungarian Holy Crown, and the offices of the Prime Minister and staff.

But aside from its significance to the government of Hungary, this building itself is an impressive display of Gothic Revival architecture. Overlooking the Danube River, the long wing spans 268 meters, and it is the tallest building in Budapest. Two identical halls for the Lower and Upper houses of Parliament stretch beyond a tall, central dome. Decorating the exterior façade are 90 stone sculptures that portray great moments of Hungarian history, as well as ornately carved stone.

If that wasn't enough to excite visitors to this grand building, the precious stones and 88 lbs of gold used for decoration should do the trick.


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