Ottoman cities are cities that can be founded by the Ottoman civilization in Civilization VI and its expansions. The first city founded is the Capital6 Capital, and the names of future cities are chosen at random from the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Capital: Istanbul

Possible City Names:

City Name Notes
Bursa Second capital of the Ottoman Empire
Edirne Third capital of the Ottoman Empire
Ankara Capital of modern day Turkey
Halep Modern day Aleppo, Syria
Konya Seventh-most populous city in Turkey
Adana Major city in Southern Turkey
Trabzon Major Black Sea port of the Ottoman Empire
Sivas City in central Turkey and the seat of Sivas Province
İzmir Third-most populous city in Turkey
Erzurum City in Western Anatolia, Turkey
Kayseri Large industrialized city in the Anatolian Plateau
Aydın Seat of Aydin Province, Turkey
Trablusgarp Turkish name of Tripoli, Libya (from the Arabic, menaing Tripoli-of-the-West)
Urfa City in Southern Turkey, the ancient Edessa
Amasya City in Northern Turkey
Cezayir Ottoman Turkish name for the Algerian city of Algiers, which was the capital of Ottoman regency of Algiers (Eyalet-i Cezâyîr-i Ġarb).[1]
Munastır Monastir, Tunisia. Earliest Arabic center in North Africa, captured by the Ottomans in 1554.
Sinop City on the Black Sea, the Ancient Sinope. Capital of Sinop Province.
İskenderun Major city in Hatay Province, southern Turkey.
Diyarbekir[2] Ottoman turkish name for Diyarbakır, second-largest city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.
Maraş Former name of Kahramanmaraş, Southwestern Turkey
Aksaray City in Central Anatolia. Prosperous in the Ottoman period as it was a major source of salt.
Gelibolu Turkish name of Gallipoli, city on the Dardanelles strait
Ayıntap[3] Arabic name for Gaziantep. Sixth largest city in Turkey
İzmit Ancient Nicomedia, southeast of Istanbul
Bosna-Saray Ottoman name of Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Mocha City in Yemen on the Red Sea, a major port until the 18th century
Van Large city on the shores of Lake Van, Eastern Turkey
Samsun Major port on the Black Sea. Atatürk launched the Turskish War of Independence in that city.
Eskişehir City in Anatolia, the ancient Dorylaeum.
Söğüt Birthplace of Sultan Osman I
Tirgovişte Ottoman name for Târgoviște, Romania
  2. Diyarbekir is the Kurdish or Armenian spelling. Should be "Diyar-ı Bekir" if reflecting Ottoman Turkish. Modern Turkish spells it Diyarbakır.
  3. Usually spelled "Antep" in Ottoman Turkish
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