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The Outback Station is a unique tile improvement of the Australian civilization in Civilization VI. It must be built on flat Grassland, Plains, Desert, or Desert Hills tiles.


With the Outback Station, the Australians can change even barren deserts into rich and productive land. While its Food Food and Production Production bonuses are initially small, the adjacency bonuses it earns from Pastures, Steam Power, and Rapid Deployment can eventually make its yields quite impressive. To maximize these yields, found cities near Cattle Cattle, Sheep Sheep, and Horses Horses. After improving these resources with Pastures, encircle them with Outback Stations and watch your cities grow into sprawling metropolises.

The late game rewards building Outback Stations in clusters, similar to Farm clusters. Each Outback Station in a cluster of three will eventually receive +1 Food Food and Production Production bonuses, which only grow larger as the cluster expands.

Civilopedia entry[]

Outback stations are known for their broad expanses of land, livestock herds, and self-sufficiency. Somewhat analogous to a ranch, the distinctly Australian stations are run by graziers in remote and somewhat inhospitable areas. They are often immense to compensate for thinly productive grazing ground and the occasional drought. Predictably, cattle stations stock cattle and sheep stations stock sheep. Wild dingoes find sheep to be delicious and defenseless, so graziers in dingo-infested areas traditionally shifted their stock to the (mostly) dingo-proof cattle.


  • The fence that surrounds an Outback Station will extend to cover any adjacent Outback Stations and Pastures.


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