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Outback Tycoon - State of South Australia loading screen (Civ6)

The loading screen of the State of South Australia.

Outback Tycoon is a scenario in Civilization VI that was released with the Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack.


Your fledgling Australian colony seeks not to repeat the success found in New South Wales, but to exceed it. Can you gain fame in these desolate lands where so many others have failed? Will your fortune come from locating long-rumored goldfields, fielding massive herds of livestock, or preserving the land's natural beauty for future generations?


In this scenario, you control one of four leaders trying to build a rich and powerful empire on the Australian continent. There is no combat - expansion, exploration, and resource collection are the keys to winning, and your victory progress is measured by your Civ6Gold Gold income (GPT). Tourism6 Tourism is locked, and the Airstrip, Mine, Pasture, Hangar, and Airport have been modified to provide Civ6Gold Gold.

All of the playable civilizations in this scenario have the Outback Station as a unique tile improvement. In addition to its effects from the base game, it provides +1 Civ6Gold Gold and gains adjacency bonuses to Civ6Production Production with Flight and Civ6Food Food with Aerial Services.

This scenario lasts for 60 turns. In the single-player version, you win by exceeding the GPT threshold (which increases along with the difficulty level) before time runs out; in the multiplayer version, you win by having the highest GPT when time runs out.

Since there is no combat, other perils have been invented for the scenario. These are manifested in the form of random outback encounters. Whenever units are left outside your cultural borders, they have a chance of a random encounter, which may be either harmful or beneficial.


In addition to the abilities listed below, all of the civilizations in this scenario have a secondary ability called "Outback Annexation," which causes completed districts to trigger a Culture Bomb.

Special FeaturesEdit


Icon City-State Suzerain Bonus
New South Wales colored (Civ6) New South Wales No Suzerain bonus.





Policy CardsEdit

Natural WondersEdit



CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play Outback Tycoon (New Australia Scenario)

CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play Outback Tycoon (New Australia Scenario)

Pete Murray and Ed Beach play Outback Tycoon.

Steam achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Attack of the Drop Bear (Civ6)
Attack of the Drop Bear
Lose a unit to the perils of Australia in the Outback Tycoon scenario
A drop bear is a hoax, commonly said to be a fearsome, carnivorous variant of the koala.
Steam achievement Crow-eater Conquest (Civ6)
Crow-eater Conquest
Win Outback Tycoon as South Australia
'Crow-eater' is a popular nickname for South Australians.
Steam achievement Gumsucker Punch (Civ6)
Gumsucker Punch
Win Outback Tycoon as Victoria
'Gumsucker' is a popular nickname for Australians from Victoria.
Steam achievement Meanwhile, in Australia (Civ6)
Meanwhile, in Australia
Win Outback Tycoon at Deity difficulty
A meme where a picture of Australia is shown, portraying something outrageously dangerous.
Steam achievement Midnight Oil (Civ6)
Midnight Oil
Build an Oil Well on the final turn of the Outback Tycoon scenario
A reference to the phrase 'burning the midnight oil', and to the Australian rock band with the same name.
Steam achievement Quite a Crowded House (Civ6)
Quite a Crowded House
Complete an online multiplayer game of Outback Tycoon
Crowded House is an Australian rock band from the 80s and 90s.
Steam achievement Revenge of the Banana Benders (Civ6)
Revenge of the Banana Benders
Win Outback Tycoon as Queensland
'Banana bender' is a popular nickname for Australians from Queensland.
Steam achievement Sandgroper Sweep (Civ6)
Sandgroper Sweep
Win Outback Tycoon as Western Australia
'Sandgroper' is a popular nickname for West Australians.
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