Outpost (Civ3)

Outposts are tile improvements in Civilization III.

Outposts eliminate fog of war. To construct an Outpost, move a worker to any land tile in neutral or owned territory and select the Build Outpost unit action. Construction of the Outpost consumes the worker. The range of vision for the Outpost is 2 tiles on flat terrain, 3 on hills and 4 on mountains. Outposts can only be used by the player who created them. If an Outpost falls within the territory of any other civilization, it will be destroyed. Outposts can only be built in a tile that is empty, has a mine, irrigation, a road and/or a railroad. You cannot build an Outpost on a tile with an Airfield or a Colony.

The "Build Outpost" unit-action becomes available after the Masonry advance is researched in Play the World.

Civilization III Tile Improvements

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