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Outposts are the first level of settlement. Colonists convert into them, upon being ordered to settle. Outposts do not produce any form of resources. Instead, they steadily develop into cities over a series of turns where they gradually "unpack", leaving them vulnerable to immediate attack and making it difficult to settle near hostile territory without armed escort.

To make an Outpost into a city, you require not just the passage of time, but also must acquire all territory adjacent to it. If you establish any trade routes with an outpost, this process is sped up.

If an enemy conquers an Outpost, it is destroyed, unless they have the Liberation Army Virtue. Then when conquered it automatically puts your own Outpost in its place.

  • The Homesteading Virtue allows +30% faster development for Outposts.
  • The Kavithan Protectorate's specialization allows their Outposts to develop into cities 50% faster.
  • Establishing trade routes with Outposts allows them to develop into cities 50% faster.
  • The Pioneering Spirit trade agreement increases outpost growth speed. RT only.png
  • The Outpost Militia trade agreement increases outpost strength and allows for ranged strikes. RT only.png
  • The Colonization Corps trade agreement allows players to skip the outpost phase. This comes with the cost of increasing Production Production costs of colonists. RT only.png
RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.