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The Pítati Archer is a unique ranged unit of the Nubian civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Archer.

  • Common abilities:
  • Special traits:
    • Higher Strength Combat Strength (17 vs. 15).
    • Higher Ranged Strength Ranged Strength (30 vs. 25).
    • Higher Movement Movement (3 vs. 2).
    • Higher Production Production cost (70 vs. 60).


The Pítati Archer is a superb replacement for the Archer: it's stronger, quicker, and earns Promotion Promotions 50% faster thanks to the Nubians' civilization ability. Its one drawback is its higher Production Production cost, though the Nubians' bonuses toward training ranged units help offset this.

All things considered, the Pítati Archer is hands down the best ranged unit until the Medieval Era:

  • It becomes available at the same time as the Maryannu Chariot Archer of the Egyptians (which is nominally the strongest early ranged unit), but it has only a slightly weaker ranged attack and just over half the Production Production cost.
  • It is much stronger than and almost as mobile as the Saka Horse Archer of the Scythians, though it may get outnumbered by them.
  • It becomes available much earlier than the Immortal of the Persians, so may be used in battle much earlier. Besides, it is still stronger at a distance and cheaper than the Immortal.

The Nubians can gain a military advantage early on by training several Pítati Archers, which they can use to launch lightning raids on Barbarian outposts and unsuspecting neighbors.

Pítati Archers become obsolete with Ballistics, though they'll be replaced by Crossbowmen long before this technology is discovered.

Civilopedia entry[]

The skill of Nubian archers was long respected and feared along the Nile. These soldiers from the Land of the Bow were a thorn in Egypt’s side for millennia—until the Egyptians solved yet another problem by throwing money at it.

Thus came about the pítati, Nubian mercenaries paid well to guard the interests of their benefactors, be they Egyptian or Nubian. These highly mobile archers wore little armor and carried bows typical to the region. However, their distinctive thumb rings greatly reduced fatigue, and malachite facepaint applied below their eyes allowed them to loose arrows with accuracy while firing into the sun.


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