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The Pairidaeza is a unique tile improvement of the Persian civilization in Civilization VI.


Once upon a time, the Pairidaeza used to be one of the strongest improvements in the game, especially when used in combination with the Earth Goddess pantheon. After a series of nerfs to both the improvement itself and the pantheon, the Pairidaeza, just like the rest of Persia's toolkits, is more like a middle of the road improvement and nowhere near the power level it used to be at.

The first major bonus of the Pairidaeza is extra Gold Gold and Culture Culture, which are boosted even higher if it is next to City Centers, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites or Theater Squares. Although the Pairidaeza is unlocked in the Ancient Era, don't go overboard with it, since growth and productivity is still prioritized at this point. However, Gold Gold and Culture Culture are both crucial for the early war strategy of Persia, so a few of this improvement is decent to help you upgrade and support an Immortal army and work through the civic tree. Its base yield is pretty good, but after the warring period ends, focus on developing your infrastructure, prioritizing Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites and Theater Squares, so you can shift focus to a cultural victory. This is the time when the Pairidaeza truly shines, especially after Diplomatic Service is unlocked.

The second bonus of the Pairidaeza is that it also increases the Appeal of all surrounding tiles by 1, which can create ideal spots for Neighborhoods, Seaside Resorts, and National Parks. This Appeal bonus used to be what made the Pairidaeza stand out, and players would often try to leverage this Appeal bonus much more than the yields. The Appeal bonus used to be +2, and Earth Goddess used to grant 2 Faith Faith for every Breathtaking tile, instead of 1, making this a really broken combo. Any tiles that are adjacent to 2 Pairidaeza used to receive 4 Appeal, reliably push those tiles' Appeal rating to Breathtaking, allowing Persia to generate a huge amount of Faith Faith independently from Holy Sites, which can be used for both cultural and domination victory. Now, with only +1 Appeal and the Faith Faith bonus from Earth Goddess is now halved, not only the Pairidaeza cannot reliably make every tile in your empire Breathtaking anymore, it is also not really worth the effort and resources invested.

For the reasons above, the main bonus of the Pairidaeza right now is the Gold Gold and Culture Culture yield from adjacent District Districts, and while this improvement still helps Persia tremendously on a cultural path, it is because it promotes the construction of Holy Sites and Theater Squares, not because it allows reliable establishment of National Parks and Seaside Resorts, since a bonus Appeal of 1 is basically the same as every other "spam-able" Tourism Tourism-orientated improvements, except for the Sphinx.

Civilopedia entry[]

A pairidaeza is a specific style of garden consisting of cultivated land within an enclosure. Also known as a “paradise garden,” the pairidaeza is thought to originate in the time of the Assyrian Empire. Its rectangular construction serves to contrast the external wildness of nature with an ordered and beautiful garden. Water was often an important element of their construction—ponds, canals, or even fountains flowed freely within the walls.

As a tool of state, they were invaluable in flaunting a kingdom’s ability to bring life to an area that would otherwise have none. The Achaemenid dynasty melded the pairidaeza with their royal hunting parks, a not so subtle way to show their command over both their empire and the natural world within it.


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