Palace (Civ5)

National wonder in Civilization V

20xProduction5 N/A


Required Buildings
  • +3 20xProduction5
  • +3 20xScience5
  • +3 20xGold5
  • +2 20xStrength5

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  • Indicates the capital city
  • Cities connected by a road to the capital produce additional gold

Game Info:

Indicates this City is the Capital of the empire.

Connecting other Cities to the Capital by Road will produce additional Gold.

+2 Production, +3 Science, +2 Gold


Your palace is the seat of your government. Early in the game it provides a significant portion of your capital city's culture, gold, science, and production. It also forms the heart of your empire's trading system. Although the palace is automatically rebuilt in another city if your capital is captured, it can still be a terrible blow to your civilization (and it makes it impossible for you to win a Domination victory until you get it back). Protect your palace!

Historical Info:

A palace is the residence of a civilization's ruler. The term is somewhat anachronistic, dating back to a time when most countries were ruled by kings or other hereditary leaders. Nowadays modern rulers live in ornate buildings called something like "the People's House" or "the Place of Justice," but the effect is the same. Palaces (and their modern equivalents) are designed to do three things: to provide the ruler with access to the people and communications necessary to rule, to defend the leader from attack, and to impress upon subjects and foreign visitors the leader's importance and grandeur.

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