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The Palace is a special building that serves as your seat of government in Civilization VI. It is built automatically in the City Center of your current Capital6 Capital.

Strategy Edit

The Palace is, as usual, critical for your initial development. And it is built automatically - you don't need to do anything to enjoy its benefits! Thanks to it, your Capital6 Capital will almost always be more efficient than any other city, so you shouldn't be surprised that it shows better qualities than other cities.

Of course, if your current Capital6 Capital is taken by the enemy, the Palace will be rebuilt in your next biggest city, making it your current Capital6 Capital.

Civilopedia entry Edit

As soon as some chieftain managed to become a king, he (or she) began to have delusions of grandeur; living in a hut like everyone else just wouldn’t do. A palace is the residence of a civilization's ruler. The term is somewhat anachronistic, since all sorts of things are called “palaces” nowadays, even gambling casinos. Currently most rulers live in ornate buildings called something like “the White House” or “Government House,” but the effect is the same. Palaces (and their modern equivalents) are designed to do three things: to provide the ruler with access to the people and communications necessary to rule, to defend the leader from attack, and to impress upon subjects and foreign visitors the leader's importance and staggering hubris.


  • The American Palace is inspired by the United States Capitol.
  • The Australian Palace is inspired by The Lodge.
  • The Canadian Palace is inspired by Château Frontenac.
  • The Palace shared by the Indians, the Arabs, the Persians and the Scythians is a Mughal style building inspired by the Humayun's Tomb as seen in concept art.
  • The Ottoman Palace is inspired by Byzantine churches.
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