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Palenque is a scientific city-state in Civilization VI. It was added in the Vikings Scenario Pack.

In the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, with the introduction of the Maya as a playable civilization, Palenque became a Mayan city and was replaced with Mitla under all rulesets.


The faster growth rate provided by Palenque works similar to other growth rate bonuses in the game, like the Hanging Gardens or the Fertility Rites pantheon, as it modifies the amount of Food Food after accounting for citizen consumption, not the total amount of Food Food, so this is always negligible. Coupled with the fact that this bonus comes with a condition that the city needs a Campus and the existence of Housing Housing in Civilization VI, Palenque should be close to the bottom of your city-state priority list.

Civilopedia entry[]

The "lost" Mayan city of Palenque was more accurately abandoned after a millennium of growth, sophistication, and eventually stagnation. Its earliest ruins date it to the 3rd Century BCE, where it was ruled by a series of kings and queens, many of whom are lost to history. Its darkest days were at the turn of the 7th Century, when a punishing war with the rival city of Calakmul left the Palenque sacked and most of its leadership captured or killed.

Queen regent Sak K'uk' ruled for three years before transferring leadership to her 12-year-old son, K'inich Janaab Pakal. The young king would come to be known as Pakal the Great, the architect of Palenque's prosperity. In his nearly 70 years of rule he pushed to rebuild and expand the city, erasing the scars left by Calakmul, and ordered the city's history carved into the walls and columns of its newly constructed temples and palaces. At the height of its power, Palenque forged alliances, captured enemy kings, and forced defeated rivals to pay tribute.

After Pakal's death, a grueling conflict with the rival realm of Toniná took its toll on Palenque. By the early 9th Century, the city was left to the jungle.


  • Palenque's city-state symbol is the head of the Feathered Serpent, a prominent supernatural entity found in many Mesoamerican myths.
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