Pantanal is a Natural Wonder in Civilization VI.

"The Pantanal is the most complex intertropical alluvional plain of the planet and perhaps the least known area of the world."

-Aziz Ab'Saber


Four tile natural wonder. It appears as Marsh and provides +2 Food and +2 Culture.

Civilopedia Entry

The Pantanal is considered the world’s largest tropical wetlands, spreading out to as much as 195 thousand square kilometers (about 75 thousand square miles) of water, bog, quagmire, and muck. It is, of course, home to an extremely diverse bio-system of flora and fauna, including some 1000 species of birds and 480 species of reptiles. For centuries, the native Bororo lived happily among these, but by the end of the 1800s they had pretty well been annihilated by disease and Brazilian explorers, slave traders, prospectors, and settlers. Now several Brazilian cities are located within the Pantanal.


Natural Wonder Pantanal
Natural Wonder Pantanal closeup (Civ6)
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