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Pantheons in Civilization VI are religious structures that focus on terrain bonuses.

As in Civilization V: Gods & Kings, Pantheons precede established religions, and are founded automatically as Faith is accumulated. Unlike in Civilization V, a civilization's Pantheon will not get overwritten by foreign religions converting your cities. Pantheons worship a number of minor gods, usually related to nature and natural phenomena, and provide minor bonuses, usually based on terrain.

In Civilization VI, all Pantheons require 25 Civ6Faith Faith (at Standard speed), regardless of how many other Pantheons have been created already.

Despite staying with you through the whole game this time, Pantheons are still seen as just a stepping stone towards creating a Religion, and thus it is encouraged to not just settle with a pantheon if you are hoping to gain power from faith.

Name Description
Dance of the Aurora Holy Site districts get +1 Civ6Faith Faith from adjacent Tundra tiles.
Sacred Path Holy Site districts get +1 Civ6Faith Faith from adjacent Rainforest tiles.
Monument of the Gods +15% Civ6Production Production to Ancient and Classical era Wonders.
Lady of the Reeds and Marshes +1 Civ6Production Production from Marsh, Oasis, and Floodplains.
God of the Open Sky +1 Civ6Culture Culture from Pastures.
Desert Folklore Holy Site districts get +1 Civ6Faith Faith from adjacent Desert tiles.
River Goddess +1 Amenities6 Amenity to cities if they have a Holy Site district adjacent to a River.
Divine Spark +1 Great Person point from Holy Site (Prophet), Campus (Scientist), and Theater Square (Writer) districts.
God of the Sea +1 Civ6Production Production from Fishing Boats.
Goddess of the Hunt +1 Civ6Food Food from Camps.
Fertility Rites City growth rate is 10% higher.
Religious Idols +1 Civ6Faith Faith from Mines over Luxury and Bonus resources.
God of the Craftsmen +1 Civ6Production Production from Mines over Strategic resources.
Goddess of Festivals +1 Civ6Food Food from Wine, Incense, Cocoa, Tobacco, Coffee, and Tea Plantations.
Oral Tradition 1 Civ6Culture Culture from Banana, Citrus, Cotton, Dyes, Silk, Spices, and Sugar Plantations.
God of the Forge +25% Civ6Production Production toward Ancient and Classical military units.
Initiation Rites +50 Civ6Faith Faith for each Barbarian Outpost cleared.
God of Healing Increases Healing by +30 in your Holy Site district, or any adjacent tiles.
Religious Settlements Border expansion rate is 15% faster.
Goddess of the Harvest Harvesting a resource or removing a feature receives Civ6Faith Faith equal to the other yield's quantity.
Stone Circles +2 Civ6Faith Faith from Quarries.
God of War Bonus Civ6Faith Faith equal to 50% of the strength of each enemy unit killed within 8 tiles of a Holy Site district you own


Note that adjacency bonuses from multiple land types/features don't stack, so for instance with Dance of the Aurora a mountain tile that's also tundra only provides +1 Civ6Faith Faith to an adjacent Holy Site. However, the effect of Wonders do stack with land types/features.

Overall if there's nothing obvious (for instance 4 related tiles) to give you a solid push in a particular direction when you found your pantheon there are some things to bear in mind:

Name Strategy
Stone Circles Stone is all over the place. You'll probably find a lot of it even if you can't see any right now. Expect to average more than one per city even if you aren't founding your cities to take advantage of this. So as it's +2 Civ6Faith Faith, not +1 (like a slew of other pantheons), it roughly doubles the worth of every Stone, Marble or Gypsum resource (remembering that we need to compare each not to nothing but to random resource free terrain). This should be your default go-to I-have-no-idea-what-other-one-to-take" choice. Just pray that it's not taken already, but if it is then read on.
God of the Sea Even on an islands map with high sea level you won't get as many of these as you'd like. Probably less than one per city on average. This could be a shock if you've played a lot of Civ V—you have been warned. This isn't to say that there won't be starting positions that favour it, but if you get one you probably don't have enough land for districts.
God of the Forge This can be a solid choice if you're going for a fast aggressive start, mainly if your unique unit is Ancient or Classical. If not, I doubt that this will provide enough of an edge to make it worthwhile.
Divine Spark The headline is probably the Prophet points, but if you can take something that provides Civ6Faith Faith instead you'll get your two Apostles sooner and continue to reap the benefits throughout the game, so it's probably best to go that way and just lean on the more mundane ways of getting Prophet points. The other Great people points are mediocre—Great people aren't that great, because they come along too infrequently, even with this.
Initiation Rites Best case scenario: One outpost every 4 turns or so — About 12.5 Civ6Faith Faith per turn on average. Not a scratch on what you'll probably get from Stone Circles eventually because it won't scale well — As the territory is taken up the barbarian outposts stop appearing.
Fertility Rites Really poor because it's based on modified Civ6Food Food per turn. Take only as a last resort.
Religious Settlements Probably the worst of all choices: You may have to buy 13% ((1-1/1.15)*100) less tiles. Taking this would be worse than taking Fertility Rites, because population provides culture, so you'd gain more border expansion (and the culture, science etc) from that over time. Never, ever take this. Each civilization only gets to take one pantheon, so there will always be better choices.

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