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The Paradise is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Colony of Paradise was founded in 2256 AD, essentially, as an exotic resort location among the stars. Realizing there were lucrative opportunities to offer a "vacation location" for the well-to-do wishing to get away from the struggling Earth, a number of entrepreneurs provided the funding for the Colony's creation. Unlike most Colonies, Paradise was run completely as a private commercial venture for many of its early years. The population remained small and highly exclusive during this time, but a severe drought on Earth in 2268 AD saw massive demand for colonization. The other Colonies of the time were already at capacity and only Paradise was capable of supporting a large influx of people. While there had been fairly stringent restrictions on who was allowed into the Colony prior to this, the potential financial gain presented by this situation was enough to convince the ruling oligarchy to open passage - for a price. Often expending their life savings, many non-wealthy families traveled to Paradise, having heard stories of its grandeur.

Because of its history, Paradise is very much stratified in terms of social class. On one side of the spectrum exists the wealthy ruling class which laid the foundation for the Colony. Their focus on the luxuries of life has led to an increased level of cultural and scientific development. On the other side of the coin is the large group of new immigrants with little capital and few rights. Displeased with the prevailing situation, grumblings can be heard from the oppressed masses, which may suggest something serious hiding in the shadows of Paradise's society. The disappearance of Earth has brought the brewing social conflict to a head, and Paradise must trust in its leader, Leonard Pritchard, to mend the wounds of the colony and bring true greatness to it.