Paradise Found is the scenario added with the Polynesia DLC in Civilization V.

Victory ConditionsEdit

First one to adopt all Social Policies to become the dominant culture in Polynesia wins.


  • Samoa (uses inverted Portugal's colors)
    • Leader: Malietoa Savea (a re-used Gandhi)
    • Unique Ability: Heart of Polynesia - Unhappiness (Civ5) Unhappiness from number of 20xPopulation5 Citizens reduced by 25%
    • Capital: Apia
  • Tahiti (scenario-specific civilization)
    • Leader: Pomare I (a re-used Hiawatha)
    • Unique Ability: Tupaia’s Navigation - All land and naval military units have +1 Sight
    • Capital: Papeete

Technology TreeEdit

Ancient EraEdit

Classical EraEdit

Medieval EraEdit

  • Navigation (costs 304 20xScience5 Science, build Trireme, embarked units can defend themselves)
  • Scientific Theory (costs 8710 20xScience5 Science, no benefits, research to finish Medieval tree, awarded to each civ as they gain contact with Captain Cook's expedition)
  • Theology (costs 261 20xScience5 Science, can build Temple, Library, Courthouse)

Renaissance EraEdit

  • Chemistry (costs 435 20xScience5 Science, build Cannon, Mine 20xProduction5 Production yield improves by 1, Quarry 20xProduction5 Production yield increased by 1)
  • Compass (costs 435 20xScience5 Science, build Caravel)
  • Gunpowder (costs 261 20xScience5 Science, build Musketman, Trading Post 20xGold5 Gold yield increased by 1)
  • Optics (costs 696 20xScience5 Science, build Frigate)
  • Rifling (costs 696 20xScience5 Science, build Rifleman)


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