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The Parthenon increases the rate at which your civilization generates Great People, particularly Great Artists. It also has a high cultural value. It is obsoleted by Chemistry in Vanilla and Warlords, and Scientific Method in Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Parthenon was constructed in 433 BC, in Athens, Greece, in honor of Athens' patron goddess, Athena. Measuring 30 m (100 feet) by 70 m (225 feet), the Parthenon is constructed almost totally of marble. The exterior of the Parthenon is ringed with Doric-style columns more than 30 feet in height, and the center part of the temple, called the "cella," is a large open space which once held a statue of Athena. Much of the temple was decorated with beautiful marble statues and friezes celebrating Athena and the glories of Athens.

The Parthenon has suffered much from the ravages of time. In the 5th century a Roman Emperor stole the statue of Athena and moved it to Constantinople, where it was subsequently destroyed. In the 13th century the Parthenon was converted to a Catholic church, which involved altering the internal structure and removing (and probably destroying) many statues dedicated to the old gods. In the 15th century Athens was captured by the Ottomans, and the temple was turned into a mosque. In the 17th century the Parthenon was partially destroyed during a war between the Ottomans and Venetians. Finally, in the 19th century, the British ambassador to Greece looted all of the surviving marble friezes from the building, which he subsequently sold to the British museum.

Despite the centuries of neglect, mutilation and pillaging, the Parthenon still stands - a remarkably powerful and beautiful symbol of the glories of ancient Greece.

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