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The Partisan is a ground unit in Civilization II.


When you capture a city that is capable of creating partisans, they spring up on nearby tiles. To minimize this, try to occupy all rough terrain before attacking, so that there are fewer places for the partisans and less-defensible tiles for those that do pop up.

Civilopedia entry[]

Partisans are militant groups who pledge their support to a leader or a system of government. Partisans differ from fanatics in their methods. Whereas fanatics are usually radicals prone to use terrorist tactics, partisans are usually trained soldiers who practice the more organized tactics of guerrilla warfare. Partisan groups have existed at various times throughout history. Partisans were particularly active in the Nazi occupied countries of Europe during World War II, where their acts of sabotage against their conquerors often kept German troops busy quelling partisan uprisings while they should have been fighting on the front lines. Because of their unflagging dedication to their cause, partisans make formidable opponents.

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