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Patronage is a social policy tree in Civilization V. It is available at the start of the Medieval Era. In Brave New World, it is available at the start of the Classical Era.

Game Info[]

Patronage enhances the benefits of City-State friendship.

Adopting Patronage will cause Influence (Civ5).png Influence with City-States to degrade 25% slower than normal. Unlocks building the Forbidden Palace (BNW-only.png only).

Adopting all policies in the Patronage tree will:

  • make other players' Influence (Civ5).png Influence with City-States decrease 33% more per turn than usual (vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png).
  • cause allied City-States to occasionally gift you Great People (BNW-only.png).
Policy Effect Requirement
Philanthropy Philanthropy Gifts of Gold Gold to a City-State generate 25% more Influence (Civ5).png Influence. Adopting Patronage
Aesthetics Aesthetics (Vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png)
Consulates Consulates (BNW-only.png)
Resting point for Influence (Civ5).png Influence level with all City-States is increased by 20. Adopting Patronage
Scholasticism Scholasticism All City-States which are Allies provide a Science Science bonus equal to 25% of what they produce for themselves. Philanthropy
Cultural Diplomacy Cultural Diplomacy Quantity of Resources gifted by City-States increased by 100%. 20xHappiness5.png Happiness from gifted Luxuries increased by 50%. Scholasticism
Educated Elite Educated Elite (Vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png).
Merchant Confederacy Merchant Confederacy (BNW-only.png)
Allied City-States will occasionally gift you GreatPeople5.png Great people (Vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png)
+2 Gold Gold for trade routes with City-States (BNW-only.png).
Scholasticism & Aesthetics (Vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png)
Scholasticism & Consulates (BNW-only.png)


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Civilopedia entry[]

Patronage is the policy where the wealthy and powerful - often the nobility - support the talented artisans in a society. In many ancient societies, a society's wealth was concentrated in a few individuals: the Royal Family, say, or the merchant princes. Painters, sculptors, musicians, and other gifted artists worked for the elite, as they were the only ones who could afford to pay them. While perhaps unfair to commoners, this system has produced brilliant works by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Jonson, and Mozart. The system is enjoying something of a revival today, with the role of patron being taken by mega-corporations rather than individuals.


  • Patronage shares its name with a technology that was slated to appear in the game, but was cut before its final release. Its quote was supposed to be "Everything passes - robust art alone is eternal. The bust survives the city."[1]


Related achievements

Team Player
Team Player
Fully Explore the Patronage Policy Track.
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