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Pearls Pearls are a luxury resource in Civilization VI. They are found on Coastal Water.


Pearls Pearls are one of four water-based luxury resources (after the addition of Amber Amber and Turtles Turtles), as well as one of a handful that provide Faith Faith when worked. With Fishing Boats and the appropriate technologies, they also provide some decent Food Food and Gold Gold bonuses. If religion is an important part of your strategy, don't hesitate to claim any Pearls Pearls you find.

Civilopedia entry[]

Composed of calcium carbonate in concentric layers, a pearl is secreted by an oyster around something that is irritating its soft, inner tissues. Some people find these little coated irritations quite attractive, and so pearls have been highly prized for centuries. Since at least the 6th Century BC, divers in the Indian and Pacific oceans have brought pearls up from the depths to serve as jewelry, to be sewn onto clothing, and to grace crowns and thrones.

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