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Perfume Perfume is a unique Luxury Resource in Civilization VI. It is provided exclusively by the Great Merchant Estée Lauder.


Perfume Perfume is the last luxury resource available exclusively from a Great Person Great Person, and the only one of the four that supplies 6 Amenities Amenities. It is most beneficial to either Montezuma (for the Strength Combat Strength bonus it provides his units) or the Scots (for the Science Science and Production Production bonuses they receive when their cities are Happy or Ecstatic). Lauder provides two copies of Perfume Perfume, so the extra one can be traded.

Civilopedia entry[]

Fragrant oils mixed with solvents and fixatives have been used by civilized man for millennia, because people sometimes smell. Ancient records and the findings of modern archeologists confirm the use of perfumes of various sorts – made from plants, animal parts, and even some minerals – since the first human settlements. The modern perfume industry, tracing its roots to the 14th Century Arabia and France, expanded aroma compounds with ever new concoctions. Maybe if they had known that perfumes can cause asthmatic attacks, allergic skin reactions, headaches or nausea, they wouldn’t have.

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