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The Persian civilization (Persians) is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The Persians are a teal civilization. A game including the Persians will not involve the Americans, Arabs, or Chinese.


Xerxes and Scheherazade (Civ2).png

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The default male leader of the Persians is Xerxes ("zerk-SEEZ"). Xerxes I (519–465 BC) was the 5th Achaemenid emperor of Persia. He began the conquest of the Greeks contemplated by his father Darius but turned the Spartans at Thermopylae into martyrs, was lured into an naval ambush off Salamis, and finally lost his main army at Plataea. He successfully crushed subsequent revolts in Egypt and Babylonia but was eventually assassinated by a bodyguard.

The default female leader is Scheherezade ("shuh-HAIR-uh-ZAHD"), the heroine storyteller of the medieval Persian romance 1001 Nights. In the story, a king kills each of his virgin brides after a single night in order to avoid infidelity. Scheherezade arranges for her sister to be called in to ask for a story, which she draws out to a cliffhanger just as the sun is rising. She continues this until she has completely exhausted her knowledge of stories, but the king has fallen in love and takes her as his queen.

Persian leaders use the default titles of various governments, except for monarchy and fundamentalism. A Persian king or queen is known as a "shah". A Persian high priest or priestess, like an Arab one, is known as an "ayatollah".


The Persian AI is perfectionist.

City list[]

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The default list of Persian cities contains entries in Latin and Turkish from the territory of the Achaemenid Empire, less Egypt, Iraq, and Macedonia. It includes cities in Persia, Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Armenia.

  1. Persepolis (default capital)
  2. Pasargadae
  3. Susa
  4. Arbela
  5. Antioch
  6. Tarsus
  7. Gordium
  8. Bactra
  9. Sidon
  10. Tyre
  11. Sardis
  12. Samaria
  13. Hamadan
  14. Ergili
  15. Dariush Kabir
  16. Ghulaman
  17. Zohak
  18. Istakhr
  19. Jinjan
  20. Borazjan
  21. Herat
  22. Dakyanus
  23. Bampur
  24. Tureng Tepe
  25. Merv
  26. Behistun
  27. Kandahar
  28. Altin Tepe
  29. Bunyan
  30. Charsadda
  31. Ura Tyube
  32. Sirjan
  33. Esfahan
  34. Darab
  35. Salmas
  36. Yerevan
  37. Pervari
  38. Damascus
  39. Edessa
  40. Erzurum
  41. Sivas
  42. Issum
  43. Kerman
  44. Adana
  45. Tripoli
  46. Haifa
  47. Acre
  48. Ashkelon
  49. Iconium
  50. Yozgat
  51. Iznik
  52. Dinar
  53. Sinop
  54. Urmia
  55. Shiraz
  56. Mashhad

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Persepolis" again.

Damascus, Shiraz, and Tripoli also appear on the Arab list; the medieval Persian cities Qazvin and Qom (as "Qum") appear on the Arab list but not here. The Persian city Tabriz appears on the Mongol list but not here. The Persian city Issus appears in the list of extra cities, but not here. Tyre (as "Tyrus") and Gordium (as "Gordion") appear on the Roman list. The Turkish name of Iconium (in keeping with the rest of the list) is Konya.


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In the Rome scenario, Persia has been overrun by the Greeks and its empire divided between the Celts, Ind. Greeks and Allies, Macedonian Greeks, Seleucid Greeks, and Ptolemaic Greeks.

In the World War II scenario, Persia is reduced to the city of Tehran, part of the Neutrals led by the aptly-named Shah Neutral Leader.

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