Phasal Transporter
Phasal Transporter
Orbital Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 2 Petroleum Petroleum
1 Titanium Titanium
Autogyros Autogyros
Orbital Zone Radius 1
Sight Range 1
Orbital Lifespan 30

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Game info[edit | edit source]

  • Utility satellite. Requires Cybernetics technology, 3 Petroleum Petroleum and 1 Titanium Titanium.
  • Units may be teleported from any city to this satellite's location and nearby tiles
  • Lifespan: 30 turns
  • Range: 1 tile

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Using cutting-edge phasing technology, this amazing satellite is able to warp spacetime between 2 points and transport units instantly across vast distances. The tactical possibilities opened are enormous, ranging from instant movement of Workers and Colonists to newly established Outpost to strategical military unit redeployment. Of course, you need the relevant Orbital coverage around the position you're interested in.

How it works in the game[edit | edit source]

When you launch one of these, you choose what area in your territory to connect to, or an any area tile outside your territory that has firaxite. Areas will appear on the map you can link to, including areas blacked out you haven't explored yet. You can place one in an enemy's territory without realizing it, but won't be able to send any units there without an open borders agreement.

You can destroy any you aren't using to regain the petroleum and titanium.

Once any are placed, you can teleport to the locations they are aimed at, from any city you have.

Civilopedia entry

Teleportation is a scientific impossibility – a concept made popular in 20th century science-fiction in which a target is destroyed at one location and an exact replica is created in another. Phasal Transportation, however, is a way of folding space in which two distant locations are brought together, allowing someone or something to pass immediately from one location to the other. This is accomplished through the use of a Phasal Transporter. This satellite is capable of calculating, down the smallest margin of error, the exact gravitational disruption required to momentarily bend space and unite two differing locations. It then deploys a gravitational probe to a precise location, which utilizes a molecular singularity to create the distortion without destroying the entire planet.

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