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Plains (Hills) are a base terrain in Civilization VI, which is a variant of Plains tiles. Like other Plains tiles, they are usually found relatively close to the equator of the map.

Plains Hills provide 1 Production Production in addition to the 1 Food Food and 1 Production Production yielded by basic Plains tiles. Plains Hills may be improved with Mines, which makes them significantly more productive than other Plains tiles. All Hills have a +3 Strength Combat Strength modifier, which can strengthen city defenses, as well as protect vulnerable units.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Plains Hills (especially those on Rivers) are excellent locations to place cities early in the game. This is because cities automatically increase the yields on their tiles to 2 Food Food and 1 Production Production if either yield is lacking. This puts Plains Hills in the unique position of providing 2 Food Food and 2 Production Production when cities are placed on them. This improves a city's productivity early on, especially before technologies such as Apprenticeship and Industrialization greatly improve the yields of Mines. After this point, placing cities on Plains Hills makes less of a difference, and could even be discouraged as the Production Production yields of placing a Mine on one of these tiles outshines that of the city itself.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Hills in plains tend to be landmarks … just think of the highest point in Iowa, Hawkeye Point, at a stunning 1670 feet (510 meters). Given the flatness all about, these do give nice lines of sight for long distances over the endless, boring vistas.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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