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Plains Floodplains are a terrain feature in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. They are found on flat Plains tiles near Rivers.


As with other Floodplains, Plains Floodplains can harness extra Food Food and Production Production from Floods, which are incredibly useful in helping cities, especially early settlements, to grow quickly to become bustling centers of your empire, just like how major cities of ancient civilizations always settle around the riverbank. However, Floods also bring destruction to Farms and districts on Floodplains, which can later be prevented by a Dam.

Similar to other types of Floodplains, Plains Floodplains tiles can support districts but block placements of all tile improvements except for Farms and unique improvements that explicitly say they can be built on Floodplains.

Civilopedia entry[]

Floodplains are the land surrounding a river which are affected most by flooding, usually seasonal flooding, but this may also apply to wider lowland affected by exceptional flooding events. The inundation of this land deposits sediment from upstream, which refreshes the soil quality and makes the floodplains especially suitable for agriculture. Many of the first urban civilizations emerged from river valleys with floodplains, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus.

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