Once any human faction has made contact with all other surviving human factions, it can choose to convene the Planetary Council and elect a Planetary Governor. When someone does this, all factions get each other's communications frequency, and can thus call one themselves.

A faction may not call a Planetary Council if it has not been at least 20 years since they last summoned one, except for the Planetary Governor who can call it after only 10 years.

With the exception of the Planetary Governor or Supreme Leader elections, each faction has one vote, with the governor holding veto power. In Planetary Governor or Supreme Leader elections, each faction casts a number of votes based on its total population and modifiers from faction ability and secret projects.

Certain proposals can be made also, after required technology has been developed on the tech tree of the one making the proposal.

Guess who has the nukes (SMAC)

Once you have Planet Busters, others will try to ban them. It's good to have the veto.


  • Elect a new governor
  • Salvaging the Unity fusion reactor core to gain a large amount of energy credits for each faction
  • Lower sea levels via satellite shades
  • Raise sea levels by melting the polar ice caps
  • Eliminate or restore the UN Charter ban on atrocities such as use of weapons of mass destruction, killing civilians with gas or punishing rioters by nerve-stapling
  • Creating or repealing a global trade pact.
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