Planetary improvements are upgrades that affect and increase an individual planet's metal, science, food and energy generation. A warp nexus can also be built that eliminates crew fatigue from traveling from one planet to another in the player's and/or rival's territory.

Name Description
Biofuel Plant (Starships) Biofuel Plant Increases the Energy produced by the cities on the planet.
Autoplant (Starships) Autoplant Increases the Metals produced by the cities on the planet.
Cryptolab (Starships) Cryptolab Increases the Science produced by the cities on the
Aquifer (Starships) Aquifer Increases the Food produced by the cities on the planet.
Planetary Defense (Starships) Planetary Defense A Megabot defense craft.
Warp Nexus (Starships) Warp Nexus When two adjacent planets both have a Warp Nexus, traveling between them will not increase fatigue.
Sid Meier's Starships [Edit]
Based off Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
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