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A Cotton Plantation in Civilization V

Game Info[]

Advanced agricultural improvement. Requires Calendar.


Plantations allow your empire to make use of a wide variety of luxury resources. They can also be used to improve Bananas Bananas resources, but this isn't worth the trouble on many occasions. Even though a Plantation gives +2 Food Food, building one requires your Workers to cut down the jungle first. As jungle itself provides 1 Food Food and 1 Production Production, and the Plantation loses 1 Production Production, building a Plantation nets only +1 Food Food, or +1 Production Production on a hill. At the same time, you will lose the 2 Science Science potential from the jungle, so consider carefully whether getting 1 extra Food Food from the tile or 2 Science Science from the native jungle is more important to you.

You should also keep in mind that if you have Oral Tradition, you will have to cut down the jungle to gain the bonus Culture Culture.

Civilopedia entry[]

A plantation is a fancy name for a farm. It is generally applied to large estates located in semi-tropical or tropical locations, and especially those which grow crops for export rather than for local consumption. The term has acquired an unsavory flavor because of its association with slavery in the United States and the Caribbean, but there's nothing inherently evil about a well-run plantation which employs free workers.

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