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Earning Founding Father Points[]

Each type of Founding Father has a special set of points associated with it. You can view your point total at any time by visiting the Founding Father screen [F6].

You can earn Founding Father points by assigning your settlement to generate them. Assigning a settlement to generate Founding Father points will cause all that settlement's production to be converted into the selected point type. Points can also be generated through the methods below:


Earning Political Founding Father points is as easy as generating Liberty Bells. Every Liberty Bell you generate earns you a Political Point. Building Printing Presses and Newspapers and assigning colonists to the Statesman profession will quickly earn you the attention of Political Founding Fathers.


To earn Religious Founding Father points, you can build Churches and Cathedrals or establish missions in native settlements. As well, any Crosses you produce (by assigning your colonists to the Preacher profession) also add to your Religious points total.


Exploration points are earned by visiting unexplored land and sea tiles. Every land or sea tile that you expose will provide you with exploration points, with land tiles providing more points than sea tiles. As well every native civ you encounter and every ancient ruin that you explore will also provide your colony with Exploration points.


You will most likely earn the majority of your Trade points by selling goods to Europe or the natives, with sales to Europe yielding higher point returns. You can also earn Trade points by building docks, drydocks and shipyards in your settlements.


Winning combats and earning experience points with your units are the quickest way to earn Military points. Conquering and razing settlements and building stockades or armories are also good ways to earn points.

Founding Father Acquisition[]

Once you have earned the necessary Founding Father points, a Founding Father will offer to join your side. If you accept, you immediately receive the bonus provided by the Founding Father. This will spend the points you have acquired, effectively returning your stores to zero (save any additional points you may have earned).

You can opt to refuse a Founding Father if you would like to pursue a later one, leaving your points intact.

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