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Pollution is a game concept in Civilization II. Pollution reduces the productivity of terrain squares. It can be caused by buildings such as the Factory, Power Plant, or Manufacturing Plant. The chances of a square becoming polluted increase after the invention of the Automobile. Nuclear pollution can be caused by a nuclear meltdown or the detonation of a nuclear weapon.

Pollution can be prevented by buildings such as the Recycling Center or Mass Transit, and can be cleaned up by Settlers. High productivity is still possible with minimal pollution by using Solar Plants, Hydro Plants, or Nuclear Plants (which do not produce pollution unless they melt down).

Pollution also reduces one's score at the end of the game.


The probability for getting 1 polluted tile in the city radius from city pollution every turn is as follows:

  • IF: Random Number between 0 and Modified Range is less than the (total Smokestack Points x 2) pollution will occur in 1 tile.
    • Modified Range = 256 - Modifier
    • Modifier = Difficulty Level x (Total Advances / 2 )
    • Difficulty level = ranges from 0 at Chieftain to 5 at Deity.
    • Total advances = is the sum of all your discovered technologies
  • Smokestack Points = [Industrial Pollution + Pop. Pollution]
  • Industrial Pollution = (Shield (Civ2).png Production generated by city / Modifier) - 20
  • Population Pollution = (City Size x Pollution Modifier.) / 4

Civilopedia entry[]

Pollution is most commonly caused by the excessive production of Shields in a city; however, it may also be caused by large city populations (after the discovery of the Automobile), nuclear attacks, or the meltdown of a Nuclear Plant. When a city poses a potential pollution problem, skulls on yellow triangles appear in the Information Box of the City Display. The more skulls a city generates, the higher the city's chance of polluting a terrain square within the city radius each turn. When world pollution reaches sufficiently critical levels, there is a chance that global warming can occur.

Pollution can be cleaned up by moving Settlers or Engineers into the polluted square and pressing the "P" key, or choosing the "Clean Up Pollution" command from the Orders menu. Pollution production of cities can be reduced through the construction of certain City Improvements, or by reducing the city's Shield production.

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