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"Things always seem fairer when we look back at them, and it is out of that inaccessible tower of the past that Longing leans and beckons."
–James Russell Lowell

Game InfoEdit

Requires Rationalism. (BNW-only)


The Porcelain Tower Wonder is a must for those pursuing a scientific victory. It will not only boost your current research efforts, but will also give you a larger benefit from each research agreement you make! So, after building this wonder, try to stay friendly with as many players as possible and save your 20xGold5 Gold for research agreements.

It's a good idea to use the Great Scientist for an Academy instead of rushing a technology, as the long-term science rewards will likely be much larger than the short-term.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Constructed by the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century, the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing was one of the most extraordinary architectural achievements of Chinese history. The tower was some 30 meters (97 feet) in diameter, with a height of 79 meters (260 feet).

The exterior of the building was built of white porcelain bricks that shone like mirrors in the sunlight. At night the tower was hung from top to bottom with over 100 lamps. The tower stood in the center of Nanjing until 1854 when it was destroyed during the Taiping Rebellion.


  • The original Porcelain Tower had 9 floors, unlike the building icon in the Civilopedia, which has 10 floors. This is a common mistake, as the 17th century portrayal by Johan Nieuhof, which many European artists used as reference material, portrayed the tower with one level too many.[1]
  • While the Civilopedia icon shows a 10-floored octagonal plan, the completion art shows a square plan tower with only six floors.



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