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Power (Power (Civ4).png) refers to electrical power, and its purpose is to augment the Factory with an additional +50% Hammer (Civ4).png. The existence of the asset in a city adds an unconditional unhealth penalty of +2 Unhealthiness (Civ4).png irrespective of the source and whether the power is being put to use by this structure.

Power generated by a Dirty source (coal or shale) carries with it an extra +2 Unhealthiness (Civ4).png penalty. Clean power sources, when available, take the place of dirty power and remove this additional burden.

Buildings Generating Power[]

Building Type of power Cost Technology Needs Note
Coal Plant Coal Plant Dirty 150 Hammer (Civ4).png Assembly Line (Civ4).png Coal (Civ4).png
Shale Plant
(Japanese unique building)
Shale Plant Dirty 150 Hammer (Civ4).png Assembly Line (Civ4).png Nothing Additional +10% Hammer (Civ4).png
Hydro Plant Hydro Plant Clean 200 Hammer (Civ4).png Plastics (Civ4).png River (Civ4).png
Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Clean 250 Hammer (Civ4).png Fission (Civ4).png Uranium (Civ4).png Can meltdown
The Three Gorges Dam World Wonder Three Gorges Dam Clean 1750 Hammer (Civ4).png Plastics (Civ4).png River (Civ4).png Provides Power (Civ4).png to all cities on same continent
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† Total conversion remake of the game Sid Meier's Colonization using Civilization IV engine