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Power Systems
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Secondary technology of Tier 1

Science 249 Science
Requires Engineering
Leads to None

+12Supremacy Supremacy

Buildings enabled None
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Improves the Energy Energy output of your Geothermal Wells and the Production Production output of your Mines.

"The necessity of an artificial power source is a myth. An ecosystem powers itself. When humanity learns to live in harmony with its surroundings, we will reap the same benefits of power."

- Daoming Sochua, Scientific Morality Vol.VII

History[edit source]

From the crude coal-fired electrical generators to the massive “sunscoop,” the production of Energy on Old Earth was a race against demand and dwindling resources. On this planet, plentiful sources, traditional or unexpected, for the production of Energy to feed the needs of the growing colonies exist. It was only a matter of those first colonial engineers discovering how to extract and utilize those sources, constructing innovative power plants and transmission systems; utilizing a variety of methods, colonial survival is a testament to their success in doing so. Even today research into sustainable power systems is critical if we are to avoid the Energy crises that plagued distant Earth.

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Power Systems is a Secondary Tech that can be researched from Engineering. It improves the yield from Mines and Geothermal Wells.

This technology provides 12 points towards the Supremacy affinity.

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