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Game Info[]

Unique unit of the Brazilian civilization. Replaces the Infantry.

  • Special abilities:
    • Golden Age from Victories: Earn points toward a Golden Age for each enemy killed.


The Pracinha is a gunpowder unit that earns points toward starting the next Carnival (i.e. Golden Age) for Brazil when it defeats an enemy, thus neatly complementing their civilization's main advantage. Use them to fight wars in foreign lands to push Brazil toward a Cultural victory.

Civilopedia entry[]

After 18 Brazilian merchant ships were sunk by German submarines in the Atlantic, Brazil declared war against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in December 1942 AD, joining the Allies. In early 1944, 27,500 men and women were trained for the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, known in their homeland as pracinhas brasileiros. Their combat exploits were followed closely by the Brazilian populace, proud of the fact that their nation was the only one in South America to take an active role in Europe. Although lighter armed than their American and British counterparts, the Brazilian regiments fought with an elan and ferocity that brought praise and honors, but suffered almost 1000 killed in the campaign.


  • Pracinha is also the diminutive of the word praça, which denotes a soldier without graduation. Despite this fact, the term "Pracinha" is not pejorative.
  • The unit symbol consists of a snake smoking a pipe, which reflects the real-life emblem of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. The symbol originates with the Brazilian saying, "The snake will smoke" ("A cobra vai fumar"), roughly meaning, "There will be fighting"; this can be stated as a warning, threat, or just an observation. This expression came from Brazil being initially hesitant about joining the Allies in World War II. During a speech made prior to the nation's declaration of war, President Getulio Vargas said the notorious line, "It's easier for a snake to smoke a pipe than for Brazil to take part in this war." ("É mais fácil uma cobra fumar cachimbo que o Brasil entrar nesta guerra.") After the sinking of the merchant ships, many Brazilian people and media outlets declared, "Now, the snake will smoke!" ("Agora a cobra vai fumar!"), other origin is that when Brazil joined the allies in World War II its troops underwent training in the United Stades of America, but because they passed a long time training instead of going to battle the Brazilian press said "It's easier for a snake to smoke a pipe than for Brazil to take part in this war".


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GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.
BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.