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The Prasat is a unique building of the Khmer civilization in Civilization VI. It is built in the Holy Site district and replaces the Temple.

Strategy Edit

The Prasat is a fine replacement for the Temple, sporting an extra Relic6 Relic slot and conferring the Martyr promotion on every Missionary purchased in its city. This allows the Khmers to use their Missionaries as sacrificial lambs, sending them into dangerous territory to convert as many cities as possible. If they run afoul of enemy Apostles or Inquisitors, the Khmers have a new source of Civ6Faith Faith and Tourism6 Tourism for the rest of the game. In this way, the Prasat can help them on their path toward either a Religious Victory or a Culture Victory (especially if they also build Mont St. Michel and Cristo Redentor).

Civilopedia entry Edit

When not dominating the Mekong and the mainland of Southeast Asia, the kings of the Khmer empire would turn their attention to their faith. And what better way to venerate the gods than through erecting massive temples?

These holy sites at the center of Khmer worship would serve as both symbols of their warrior-kings’ piety and their engineers' brilliance. The earliest Khmer temple on record is Prasat Ak Yom (c. 800), its design reflecting the South Indian tradition of 'ratha'-style temples, towering edifices terminating in a crown at the top. Of course, the Khmer would add their own flourish, adding prangs, or towers to the structures.

The construction of these temples would become an enduring feature of subsequent Khmer rulers, first facing east in honor of the Hindu god Shiva, while later construction would turn west after Jayavarman VII introduced Mahayana Buddhism to the Empire in the Twelfth Century.