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Precog Project (CivBE)Precog Project
Precog Project wonder (CivBE)
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 450 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires 2 20xXenomassBE Xenomass
Collaborative Thought
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital
Notes Military Units can achieve two additional levels of Veterancy.

The Precog Project will permanently tie up 2 Xenomass resources.


"Open your eyes. Open them again. Look ahead of yourself. Look ahead again." - Kavitha Thakur, Glorious Key of the Exodite Tantra: 5th Unfolding


There are few more divergent approaches to predicting the future than strategic planning and esoteric arts, but in that thin space where they overlap, the seeds of the Precog Project were born. This program for predicting outcomes of chaotic systems was born from such varied strands as stochastic foremetrics, fuzzy quantum rangefinding, the Fractal Tarot, and the Sierpinski Mandala. A quasisynthetic computational membrane was specially commissioned for implementation for the first Precog Project, whose intricate construction stretched the fabrication methods of the time to their very limit.

The Precog Project proved to be fantastically accurate at predicting outcomes of combat operations within a prescribed geographic space. Since highly accurate geospatial records were matched closely with threat response algorithms and an impressively broad selection of real-time combat data (from army-level logistical tables down to the rounds remaining in a given soldier's rifle), the system could provide the most optimal response to a given threat with the resources at hand.

The benefits of the Precog Project are, of course, a matter of record. Military units responded to threats before they materialized, and the potential threat was frequently only visible in an extensive post-hoc analysis. Soldier personal records from the period range from bemusement at the Project's predictions to reverential accounts of the "Divine Oculus' Foresight." One contemporaneous account from an anonymous journal fragment reveals both:

"When the Edict came to move to an empty sector, we all exchanged wry looks, and there was much grumbling and derision. But as we arrived, we started to see the first slinking Raptors approach, and we purged them forthwith. All praise to the Divine Oculus! It stands on the shoulders of time and sees over the hills of obscurity."

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