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The Primordial biome is a biome introduced to Beyond Earth in the Rising Tide expansion.


A world only recently become habitable by alien and human life alike, it is characterized by its barren rocky terrain and overall volcanic and "fresh" appearance.

Alien Behavior[]

Aliens on these worlds tend to be of a brick red to dark brown color and are far more temperamental than average, swaying between outright hatred upon being approached to total acceptance within a few turns of having a nest within your borders.

Civilopedia entry[]

The unpredictable, dangerous nature of this volcanic world has led to the evolution of keen senses and instincts in the native wildlife. If it were not for their careful nature, these animals would seem almost impulsive. Their reactive nature clearly stems from an evolutionary need to rely on instinctual knowledge. The difficulty of natural survival has also led the creatures to rely on each other for survival, reaching a level of intra-special dependence so strong that it is almost not comparable to the examples of symbiosis found on earth. This means that knowledge of danger is quickly shared among the creatures of the planet, and creates the illusion of a hive mind among the inhabitants.