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Princess Juliana (CTP2)

Princess Juliana has fled Rotterdam and is on her way to Britain to escape the short-lived Nazi German civilization.

Princess Juliana (lived 1909-2004) was a Dutch Princess in the year 1940 and she is part of the WW2 Western Front mod (Deluxe version). She has the same abilities as an Abolitionist unit but she can't be built because she represents an individual person. Because it's the year 1940 and slavery has become a thing of the past and been emancipated and abolished for several decades its best to use Juliana's Incite Uprising ability instead.

Trivia and Facts[]

She wears light green color Royal Robes and carries a Ceremonial Staff. Her unit was made by user BlueO in 2001. Her sprite can be found at either Apolyton or WePlayCiv as part of his Amazon Units mod. There are no other Amazon Units (women war units) that can be put into the WW2 Western Front Mod because they are too primitive looking or too futuristic and these don't fit into the World War 2 atmosphere that this particular mod portrays. Also as a side note if you do decide to play as her you might want to change her nationality to British rather than as Dutch because then she would be able to board the British Bombers that are in the airbase near Ghent that's shown in the picture. If you don't change her into a British unit then when the Germans occupy Rotterdam she dies instantly. At least if she is temporarily part of the British as in real life she could survive like she did in real life.