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Shield (Civ2) Production in Civilization II is represented by and referred to as Shields. Production is used to build units, buildings and wonders. Cities must pay support to units with shields depending on what government a Civilization has.

Factors that affect productionEdit


  • Factories increase production of a city by 50 percent
  • Power plants increase production of a city by 50 percent. Cities will only get the benefits of a single powerplant if multiple plants are built

Unit disbandmentEdit

When units are disbanded in a city, half of their production cost is returned to a city. A caravan or a freight unit may contribute all of its production costs to the construction of a wonder rather than establishing a trade route.


Main article: Capitalization (Civ2)

When capitalization is selected, all of a city's production is converted into Gold (currency) (Civ2)Gold.


Tile ImprovementsEdit

  • Railroads increase Shield (Civ2)Shield production by 50%
  • Mines increase production various amounts depending on the terrain


Waste (Civ2) Waste Waste, like corruption, is wasted production that occurs in cities further away from a civilization depending on the government a player has

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The production of raw materials by your cities is represented by shield icons. Thus, raw materials are commonly referred to as "Shields". The number of Shields produced by each city is displayed in the Resource Chart of the City Display. Shields are used to support units. Each unit might, depending on government type and other circumstances, require that its home city expend one Shield per turn to support the unit. Excess Shields not used to support units are used for the production of City Improvements, Wonders of the World, and new units.

Shield production largely depends on the type of terrain surrounding the city. In most circumstances, Shield production of a city can be increased through the construction of certain Improvements and Wonders. The construction of mines also improves Shield production in certain types of terrain.

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