Here is a list of all Professions in Civilization IV: Colonization.
Any colonist can perform any profession, however an expert or master will be much more productive.

See also: List of units (Civ4Col)

Resource collectionEdit

Profession Role
Cotton Planter Can harvest cotton from surrounding tiles
Farmer Can harvest food from surrounding land tiles
Fisherman Can collect food from surrounding sea tiles
Fur Trapper Can collect furs from surrounding tiles
Lumberjack Can collect lumber from surrounding tiles
Ore Miner Can mine ore from surrounding tiles
Silver Miner Can mine silver from surrounding tiles
Sugar Planter Can collect sugar from surrounding tiles
Tobacco Planter Can harvest tobacco from surrounding tiles

Production buildingsEdit

Profession Role
Blacksmith Can produce tools from ore
Carpenter Can produce production from lumber
Cigar Maker Can make cigars from tobacco
Coat Maker Can make coats from furs
Distiller Can make rum from sugar
Gunsmith Can produce guns from tools
Preacher Can produce crosses
Rancher Can produce horses from food
Statesman Can produce liberty bells
Student Can produce education points
Weaver Can produce cloth from cotton

Military/Service (Units)Edit

Profession Role
Armed Brave Available only to natives, a native can become an armed soldier
Armed Mounted Brave Available only to natives, a native can become an armed soldier on horseback
Brave Available only to natives, serves as the default land unit
Colonist An unspecialized, defense-only unit
Dragoon Serves as the default mounted unit
Missionary Can establish missions in native settlements
Mounted Brave Available only to natives, a native can become a mounted unit
Pioneer Can improve the surrounding lands
Scout Can explore surrounding lands on horseback
Soldier Serves as the default footsoldier
Colonization games [edit]
Original version of Sid Meier's Colonization (1994)

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Remake Civilization IV: Colonization (2008)

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Fan Created version FreeCol (2003-Present)
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