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Progenitor Artifacts are part of the new artifact system in Rising Tide. They are related to the mysterious alien race encountered during the Contact Victory in Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth.

List of Progenitor artifactsEdit

Artifact name Preferred reward 20xEnergyBE 20xProductionBE 20xScienceBE
Geon Spores artifact (Rising Tide) Geon Spores Tessellation Foundry 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
Small building-blocks of matter that can form larger 3-dimensional shapes. These can be moved into place by manipulating an electromagnetic field. Geon Spores are considered to play a crucial role in an ancient alien culture's architecture and manufacturing processes.
Jelly Space artifact (Rising Tide) Jelly Space Dimension Folding Complex 20%20xEnergyBE 80%20xScienceBE
An unexplained, undulating mass discovered in a Progenitor ruin. Human scientists' best guess is that this represents a different "phase" of space time, similar in nature to the multiple phases of matter. Somehow, the volume was either created or discovered by the alien race.
Single-Pass Geometry artifact (Rising Tide) Single-Pass Geometry Tessellation Foundry 100%20xEnergyBE
Truly two-dimensional matter. This flat material is invisible from one side, and can pass through other objects that approach from a specific direction.
Tesselation Vault artifact (Rising Tide) Tesselation Vault Tessellation Foundry 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
An alien structure containing every known element in the periodic table. Thin layers of each material have been bonded together, stacked one after the other, and packed tightly into a nearly perfect sphere. This dense object seems to hold a record for its creators: a proven example of which elements can be successfully, chemically fused.
Void Spectre artifact (Rising Tide) Void Spectre Machine-Assisted Free Will 100%20xEnergyBE
A definite, yet unquantifiable presence. This alien substance is considered by scientists to be an unintended product of an advanced ancient race working with dark matter. Some argue that the floating gel is actually a sentient, extra-dimensional being.
Planes of Dimensional Influence artifact (Rising Tide) Planes Of Dimensional Influence Dimension Folding Complex 100%20xProductionBE
Large sheets of glass, which form a window into other worlds. Peering through reveals a hazy image across fourth dimensional space, into another three-dimensional reality. Most scientists are at a loss for an explanation. We're left to speculate how these planes were used by their alien creators.
Auratic Magnet artifact (Rising Tide) Auratic Magnet Temporal Calculus 100%20xScienceBE
A metallic substance which spins violently when in the presence of living things. This spin changes based on the type of life, different individuals, and even in the presence of different behaviors. It is unknown whether the Auratic Magnet was used to identify individuals, in interrogations, or for more whimsical purposes.
Superposition Containment Device artifact (Rising Tide) Superposition Containment Device Quantum Politics 20%20xProductionBE 80%20xScienceBE
This alien device prevents the collapse of a quantum superposition. It allows for observation of many possible futures, though the means of operating the device is not completely understood. this alien technology instills a sense of foreboding in many users. Observers have been known to become crippled by sudden indecision.
Superposition artifact (Rising Tide) Superposition Quantum Politics 100%20xEnergyBE
An uncollapsed, uncertain quantum state. It has somehow been preserved in an observable, stable form. When viewed, the Superposition resembles a layered, fractal object.
Dimension Oven artifact (Rising Tide) Dimension Oven Dimension Folding Complex 100%20xProductionBE
An alien chamber used to detect hidden dimensions of space. the matter inside of this device is slowly stripped of its 3rd and 2nd dimensions, until normally undetectable 4th and 5th dimensions are observable. This myserious technology was most likely used in conjunction with some sort of quantum manipulation process.
Decoherence Chamber artifact (Rising Tide) Decoherence Chamber Quantum Politics 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
An alien device used to collapse a quantum superposition. This device was likely used by its creators to observe the different, possible outcomes of a proposed idea: a way to look into its possible futures to determine if the idea held merit.
Temporal Injector artifact (Rising Tide) Temporal Injector Relativistic Data Bank 80%20xEnergyBE 20%20xProductionBE
An alien device used for "timestamping" an object: imprinting it with information about a specific moment and location in time. Later, readings from the device could be used to determine exactly when and where the subject was imprinted. Oddly, the Temporal Injector seems to be designed as wearable technology.
The Folder artifact (Rising Tide) The Folder Dimension Folding Complex 80%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE
A alien quantum manipulation machine. The sinister looking contraption is likely used to compress or extract hidden dimensions of space-time. Although the results of such processes are unknown, there is speculation that "The Folder" could be used in conjunction with other technologies.
Fundamental Object artifact (Rising Tide) Fundamental Object Quantum Politics 100%20xScienceBE
An object with seemingly no imperfections. The Fundamental Object was immediately hailed by some as the long-sought-after "God particle" incarnate. The semi-spherical, multifaceted object is held in a protective containment unit, where it is in constant motion.
String Weaver artifact (Rising Tide) String Weaver Relativistic Data Bank 80%20xEnergyBE 20%20xScienceBE
A large, multi-piece structure used to link two points in spacetime. Scientists believe the String Weaver was used by its creators to send information forward in time. At the targeted date, the data could then be intercepted by the device, undisturbed since its original transmission.
Models of Entropy artifact (Rising Tide) Models of Entropy Temporal Calculus 20%20xProductionBE 80%20xScienceBE
An encoded, alien encyclopedia. The knowledge contained within this artifact describes the exact physics behind entropy, knowledge that has always been just outside of Human reach for centuries. Unfortunately, decoding the Models of Entropy is a difficult task.
M-Theory Capsule artifact (Rising Tide) M-Theory Capsule Machine-Assisted Free Will 20%20xEnergyBE 80%20xScienceBE
Small cartridges containing "strings", a fundamental building block of the universe. Scientists have theorized about their existence for generations, but strings were thought to be fundamnetally unobservable. Their discovery in the hands of an advanced alien race is both puzzling and unsettling. More puzzling still is the question of how these cartridges were used.
Causal Looking Glass artifact (Rising Tide) Causal Looking Glass Temporal Calculus 100%20xProductionBE
A motion vizualization device. The Causal Looking Glass is capable of visualizing the effects of motion as they ripple through an environment.
Atomic Tesselator artifact (Rising Tide) Atomic Tesselator Tessellation Foundry 100%20xProductionBE
A large, alien manufacturing tool used to manipulate matter at the atomic level. This device creates objects of any desired shape, from any desired material. However, the knowledge required to operate the device has been lost to time.
Fixed Position Locator artifact (Rising Tide) Fixed Position Locator Relativistic Data Bank 80%20xEnergyBE 20%20xScienceBE
A mysterious Progenitor device which can locate any object in spacetime. Normally, objects can only be measured relative to other objects, meaning there are no nonrelative positions in space. Somehow, this location device gets around that limitation of physics.
Sporadic Listener artifact (Rising Tide) Sporadic Listener Machine-Assisted Free Will 80%20xEnergyBE 20%20xScienceBE
No one's quite sure what this is, but occasionally it responds to a human visitor's presence.
Deviation Fork artifact (Rising Tide) Deviation Fork Temporal Calculus 20%20xEnergyBE 80%20xProductionBE
A large structure used by an advanced alien race, to find errors in their own quantum mechanics calculations.
Bright Matter artifact (Rising Tide) Bright Matter Relativistic Data Bank 20%20xEnergyBE 80%20xScienceBE
A little-understood type of matter which is sensitive to spacetime. The substance can only be observed while present in a certain location and time.

Confounding Object
Unknown Progenitor
Machine-Assisted Free Will 20%20xFoodBE 20%20xEnergyBE 20%20xProductionBE 20%20xScienceBE

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