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Game Info[]

Science building of the Industrial Era. Requires University or Wat.


The Public School is a very useful Industrial-era building. Through a number of effects, it greatly increases a city's Science Science output. Its main effect is to provide additional Science Science based on the 20xPopulation5 Population, much like the effect of the Library. Altogether combined with the base rate, this is a total of 2 Science Science for each Citizen Citizen. It also provides a wide variety of small bonuses. The Specialist Specialist slot provides Great Scientist potential, and adds to the token Science Science yield of the building itself.

There are minor bonuses which can be added through social policies, such as effectively reduced maintenance with Sovereignty (in Gods & Kings and Brave New World) or after adopting all the policies in the Rationalism tree (in vanilla Civilization V). It also provides 1 20xHappiness5 Happiness with either Academy of Sciences or Humanism.

All told, the Public School is a strong scientific building. This is especially so for large, Tradition-focused cities and empires, where naturally the ratio of Production Production and maintenance to the output is highest. With Rationalism, this building becomes even easier to support and take advantage of. With the right policies, it can easily output as much as 20 Science Science in one city before percentage boosts. Outside their Capital Capital, Liberty-focused empires may not get as much use out of these buildings until they complete the Rationalism tree, but will likely want a few heading into the later eras. An existing Public School is required for the later Research Lab.

Civilopedia entry[]

A public school provides free pre-university education to a civilization's children. This is a fairly advanced concept. First, the civilization must believe that education is important, and that educating the poor is not a threat to the ruling class. Second, the civilization must be wealthy enough so that the children of the poor do not need to work to fend off starvation. And finally, the civilization must be enlightened enough to be willing to expend some of its public revenue providing the education. Most countries in the world today provide some level of public education for their young. The first American public grade schools opened during the Colonial era. The first public high school was opened in Boston in 1821.

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