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Purity is one of the three affinities in Civilization: Beyond Earth. The Purity affinity desires to preserve and improve upon mankind as they are and seeks to convert the planet into a state similar to Old Earth before the Great Mistake, regardless of what happens to the local wildlife. The ultimate goal of a Purity purist is to eventually resettle much of the Earth's diaspora onto the planet and save that world from overpopulation and resource depletion. Purity military forces concentrate mostly on mechanical exoskeletons, energy weapons, and amphibious attacks, thanks to their armadas of LEV vehicles. Their chosen resource specialization is 20xFloatstoneBE Floatstone.

Purity appearance and traits Edit

Since the whole idea of Purity is to preserve humanity in its current form, it isn't surprising that Purity aesthetics look much like we would expect of a space-oriented mankind in the near future. Architecture is characterized with solid, cubic shapes in gold and red which look a lot like modern cities; units appear mostly human-shaped, and tank-like. That is because Purity depends mostly on armored suits and exoskeletons to enhance traditional soldiers, or else on solid, massive machines commanded by soldiers.

Purity are the specialists of levitation. They discover technologies that allow the use of the floating stones on this planet for creation of extremely powerful anti-gravity fields, capable of keeping enormous payloads well into the thousands of tons in the air. Thus, all of their high-level special units levitate over the terrain, and can consequently overcome almost all obstacles. The second defining feature of Purity military composition is their concentration on ranged units - three of the four unique Purity units are ranged. Their ultimate unit, the LEV Destroyer, is practically a flying fortress which can move over any terrain variant without issue, withstand enormous amounts of firepower, and reciprocate in kind. This LEV Destroyer, before perks, is also the only unit which can deal 'splash' damage (that is, to damage not only its target, but also enemies in neighbor tiles).

Purity seems to employ laser-like, high-energy beam weapons with a distinct red color.

Purity StrategyEdit

With a wide range of LEV vehicle chassis to choose from, terrain isn't your problem while defending. It's recommended to settle down around a non-LEV accessible area that forces your enemy of either other affinity to lose their flanking bonus. Form a defensive line of Battlesuits, then pummel everything else to ashes with your ranged strength.

When on the offensive, be sure to take advantage of your LEV vehicles and approach enemy positions from unexpected angles. Use Water tiles to your advantage, since all other affinities may only move on water with ships, while you can also move with some other units early on! Again, use your ranged power to the maximum, while defending it with strong frontline units. One of the weaknesses of Purity army is its lack of fast units, and its overdependence on positioning. Take care to protect your ranged units from enemy aircraft and tanks!

Land units hovering over water will receive a 25% combat penalty, but can also occupy the same tile as a naval unit (untested as to which unit takes damage first). Use this to your advantage when attempting to seize cities and other key locations from the water.

Purity bonusesEdit

Rising TideEdit

Points Unlocks
Purity (CivBE) 2 +20% 20xStrengthBE Strength and 20xRangedStrengthBE Ranged Strength when attacking or defending against aliens.
Purity (CivBE) 5 +1 20xEnergyBE Energy and +1 20xCultureBE Culture from 20xFloatstoneBE Floatstone
Purity (CivBE) 8 +2 20xEnergyBE Energy and +1 20xHealthBE Health from Terrascapes
Purity (CivBE) 12 +1 20xFoodBE Food from Dome improvements
Purity (CivBE) 15[1] Unlocks the secrets of Warp Gate construction, permitting progress toward the Promised Land victory.

Base Beyond EarthEdit

Points Unlocks
Purity (CivBE) 1 Explorer Units are twice as strong when defending.
Purity (CivBE) 3 20% increase to both 20xRangedStrengthBE Ranged Strength and standard 20xStrengthBE Strength when engaging or defending against wild Aliens.
Purity (CivBE) 6 2 extra tiles of Orbital Coverage to every city owned.
Purity (CivBE) 8 4 free 20xFloatstoneBE Floatstone stockpiles.
Purity (CivBE) 11 Allows for the use of Dirty Bombs in Covert Operations, explosives that irradiate whatever they come in contact with which are dropped into densely packed civilian housing and wipe out half of an entire cities' population
Purity (CivBE) 13 Unlocks the secrets of Warp Gate construction, permitting progress toward the Promised Land victory.

Purity UnitsEdit

Unit Upgrade NamesEdit

Original UnitTier 3Tier 4
Patrol BoatBroadsideCannonade
Combat RoverLancerDragoon
Missile Rover PunisherDevastator

Tier Two Harmony Upgrades for units not on this list start with the term True.

Hybrid UnitsEdit

Purity-Harmony Purity-Harmony

Supremacy-Purity Purity-Supremacy

Purity BuildingsEdit

Main article: List of Purity buildings (CivBE)

Affinity Level quotesEdit

Level Quote
Purity (CivBE)1 How much joy can this new planet hold, when all I can think is of everything I've left behind?

— Phaedra, "Lamentation for Planetfall"

Purity (CivBE)2 Every day I think of Earth, because a word or phrase evokes a lesson I learned long ago, and gets me what I need.

— Perseverance Johnson, "Diary of a Colonial Woman"

Purity (CivBE)3 Yes, homesteading this world is hard, but all the people pitch in and somehow the work gets done.

— Penniless Ben's Almanac

Purity (CivBE)4 I know we can tackle the next problem because we succeeded in tackling all the problems that came before.

— Video interview with an anonymous explorer

Purity (CivBE)5 I'm grateful for the opportunity to come here, and I'm grateful that we are living up to the expectations of the people who sent us.

— From the Pioneer's Daily Reflection

Purity (CivBE)6 We thrive because we built a solid foundation on this world with values brought from Earth.

— Esther Polly Mather, "Collected Sermons"

Purity (CivBE)7 Our backs are strong and our bellies are full because on Earth, someone's belly is empty and their back is bowed. Make sure your conduct is worthy of that pain.

— Paraseneca, "On Respect"

Purity (CivBE)8 Remember that humanity has already escaped from a disaster of its own making. Before us, no other life on Earth had the wisdom to understand what transpired or the power to overcome.

— Ieremiah ben Thom, "A Treatise on the Course of Terrestrial Civilizations"

Purity (CivBE)9 The arc of civilizations stretches from the Indus and Mesopotamia to the edge of this world in a strong and unbroken line.

— Jan de Varrache, "Legenda Aurea"

Purity (CivBE)10 Why waste your breath articulating a morality that was disproven with eloquence and foresight centuries ago on Old Earth?

— Juvenile the Latest, "Satres"

Purity (CivBE)11 Wisdom and faith led our ancestors to build ships to cross space and bring us here. May providence carry us back to them one day.

— Chersterbelloch K. Brown, "The C.K. Brown Omnibus"

Purity (CivBE)12 The great value of this planet is that it brings into sharp relief the essential nature of our humanity.

— Athena Stowe, "Letters to my Students"

Purity (CivBE)13 Actual human beings everywhere now are more important than potential 'improved' humans that may or may not exist in the future.

— Blessed Ambrose's Steelyard

Purity (CivBE)14 When we reach out to our brothers and sisters, we reach out with compassion. Who wilfully rejects the compassion of the strong?

— Attributed to Samatar Jama Barre

Purity (CivBE)15 From my obligation to my fellow humans, I draw fellowship, purpose, meaning, strength, courage, conviction, insight, and the basis of all morality. How can such joy be burdensome?

— David Whitman, "Psalms and Aphorisms"

Purity (CivBE)16 Those who forget the past and its sacrifice become the forgotten dust in due time.

— Dharani of the Chobhamite Brothers

Purity (CivBE)17 We remake this world into a new Eden. Should a serpent enter it and whisper words that will lead to ruin, let us then become the rectifying archangel with the fiery sword.

— Inscription on the Reliquary of St. Germaine's Destroyer

Purity (CivBE)18 All humans are one family. Those who are not of our family are not human. Amen, amen, we say to you: Let them not test our forbearance.

— Epistle of Peter and Cornelius to the Centralites, 6:11


  1. Victory condition not mentioned in Civilopedia in Rising Tide
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