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Game Info[]

Unique building of the Mayan civilization. Replaces the Shrine.


The Pyramid produces twice as much Faith Faith as the building it replaces and additionally produces 2 Science Science, which is a great thing early on in the game. Mayan players should research Pottery as soon as possible and build these buildings first thing in every city, which will allow them to get ahead of the technological race in the early game.

A quick early Science Science progression is essential for the Maya, because it allows them to research Theology faster and start making use of their unique ability.

Civilopedia entry[]

These impressive, pyramid-shaped structures were built by the Mayans for ceremonial purposes, beginning nearly 3,000 years ago. The Mayan crafters hand-carved every stone of the building, giving the structures a "stepped" appearance. A long staircase would run up one side of the pyramid, leading to a small shrine at the top, usually dedicated to one of the Mayan gods. The largest Mayan Pyramid is located at El Mirador, measuring nearly 80 meters (260 feet) in height. By volume (almost 2.8 million cubic meters, or 99 million cubic feet) it is one of the largest pyramids in the world.

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