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Quantum Control is a technology in the Final Frontier mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Quantum Control grants the first player to research it a free technology of their choice.

Civilopedia entry[]

On par with unearthing of the Rosetta Stone in the nineteenth century, the discovery of the Lambda-VC Interplanetary Beacon thrilled scientists and antiquarians alike. A cache of information and notes collected from Old Earth's greatest scientist, Jing Shen, the wealth of knowledge stored within the Lambda-VC explained dozens, if not hundreds, of previously unworkable theories. Key among these was Quantum Control. While the ability to tinker with negative energy was the key to all faster-than-light travel, it was the discovery of Quantum Control theorems that theoretically permitted the all-out bending of negative energy to its wielder's desire. It was thought it would take decades to fully understand the repercussions of Quantum Control, but with the sharpest minds, both man and machine, working round the clock, soon the true powers of this new technology should be revealed.