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The Quechua is the unique unit of the Incan civilization.


Compared to the Warrior that it replaces, the Quechua has double effectiveness against Archery Units. This unit is most effective when used to rush enemies who rely heavily on Archers. The Quechua also starts with Combat I.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Incan Quechua were fierce South American warriors who in the period between 1440 and 1530 conquered much of the Andes and coastal regions of what is now Peru and Ecuador. These lightly-armed and fast-moving infantry were equipped with a variety of clubs, including light throwing clubs and heavy crushing weapons similar in design to maces. The Quechua were also quite proficient with the "bola," two balls attached by twine, which they used with great effect to bring down birds and small game.

The Inca were overwhelmed and destroyed in the mid-16th century by Spanish Conquistadors. Though an extremely small force, the Spaniards were equipped with muskets, horsemen and cannon, fearsome weapons that the Incas had never encountered before. Unlike many other Native American nations, the Incas resisted the Spanish; but once again the Conquistadors made great use of its enemy's internal divisions, encouraging many subject tribes to rise up and turn on their Inca masters.

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