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Rainforests (sometimes called jungles) are a terrain feature in Civilization VI. Rainforests appear on Plains and Plains Hills tiles near the equator of the map, often in thick belts which form an impenetrable barrier.

  • Yields: +1 Civ6Food Food.
  • Movement needed: 2 Civ6Movement MPs (3 if on Hills)


Rainforests provide growth and protection for civilizations living within them, and provide adjacency bonuses to Campuses. They also house many useful resources, such as Bananas (Civ6) Bananas and Dyes (Civ6) Dyes. Note that in Civilization VI you do not need to cut down the Rainforest to access resources in it!

Both Brazil and Kongo especially benefit from cities near Rainforests due to their unique traits.

The main drawback of Rainforests is that they decrease Appeal (unlike Woods), making them unsuitable for Neighborhoods or tourist attractions. They also cannot be improved with Lumber Mills until Gathering Storm, and even then one must discover Mercantilism first. Therefore, it is recommended that they be harvested by other civs to rush production on larger projects. However, doing so will anger any leaders you've met that follow the Environmentalist agenda.

Bronze Working Edit

Rainforests are of limited use until Bronze Working has been researched. Once that has occurred each Rainforest can be:

  • Harvested, which provides 50 Civ6Food Food and 50 Civ6Production Production (adjusted by game speed and difficulty) to the city which owns the tile. It becomes a Plains.
  • The site of a Wonder or district as if it's a Plains.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Dark, forbidding, trackless, deadly – rainforests are only for those explorers with the skill and stamina to survive them … and natives with poisoned darts. Rainforests in Asia, Africa, and South America have provided all sorts of wealth and food, and now expensive pharmaceuticals to modern civilization.


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