A long-known issue (or bug) exists with the random number generator for the original DOS version of Colonization (1994), that can lead to long strings of consecutive victories or defeats, unless sufficient time is taken to provide counter changes.

A fix for the problem was given in 2004 at the civfanatics forum by user brut. To quote:

Do following.
1. Open viceroy.exe in your hex-editor.
2. Find such bytes: A3 EE 28 C7 06
3. Replace A3 with 5D, and EE with CB, so you get 5D CB 28 C7 06
4. Bug was removed!

However, the above (by itself) produces its own issue in generating the same map repeatedly when starting a new game.

A full solution can be accomplished by keeping two files: the original viceroy.exe, and a second vicefix.exe file.

  1. Make a copy of the original viceroy.exe file, and rename the copied file to vicefix.exe
  2. Apply the above changes with a hex-editor to the file vicefix.exe
  3. Begin new games by starting the game normally (to create new maps)
  4. After a map has been created, exit the game, and thereafter load and play the map by starting directly with the vicefix.exe file
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