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Game InfoEdit

Advanced utility building. Can only build 5 of these across the empire.

  • +2 20xAluminum5 Aluminum resources for your empire


The Recycling Center is a cool and very useful representation of the opportunities contemporary recycling methods offer. The additional Aluminum resources they provide allows you to modernize your army, or your industry - whichever suits your style of play.

It also allows a player to build Spaceship parts without having any Aluminum resources within their territory, ensuring that a lack of Aluminum cannot stop anyone from achieving a science victory.

Civilopedia entryEdit

A recycling center is a collection point for commonly found recyclable materials used in homes and businesses. In many communities, recyclables are collected alongside trash, and dropped off at the recycling center for sorting. In most cases, the materials are broken down or shredded, then baled and shipped to other sites for further processing into a variety of new products.

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