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Red Death is a multiplayer scenario in Civilization VI that was released as part of the September 2019 Update.

Originally conceived as an April Fools' joke from multiplayer engineering lead Bradley Olson, the game took on a life of its own. The scenario is a battle royale type of game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where each faction competes to be the last one to survive.

Intro Edit

Our leaders have failed us. The Red Death comes for us all. Our old civilization could not stand the test of time.

Our only hope lies in a single colony ship waiting in orbit for the last survivors of this world. We can remotely pilot the lander, but the other factions are jamming our signal. The only way we will survive is for us to eliminate the other factions.

Welcome to the last civilization of this world.

Tactical Intel

  • We lose if our Civilians are dead.
  • Search City Ruins, Raider Outposts, and Supply Drops for additional units and supplies.
  • Raider Outposts and Supply Drops have better supplies.
  • The Red Death is advancing in stages and getting progressively stronger.
  • The Red Death's progress and intensity is tracked on the top bar.
  • All water sources are toxic to our units.
  • You know what to do.

Gameplay Edit

Overview Edit

In an irradiated wasteland inspired by Fallout and similar franchises, players assume control of one of eight civilizations ("factions") and fight to secure a spaceship and escape the planet. The radioactive mass enveloping the planet is known as the "Red Death," and any units that end their turn in it sustain damage and are unable to heal. The amount of damage inflicted by the Red Death increases as the game progresses, but units can avoid taking damage by remaining inside the "Safe Zone," which shrinks every few turns as the Red Death spreads.

Players are eliminated when they have no remaining Civilians. The last player with a surviving Civilian wins.

Units Edit

Civilians and six kinds of military units - Infantry, Machine Guns, AT Crews, Helicopters, Rocket Artillery, and Tanks - are available in Red Death, all with modified promotion trees. All units are also modified to have faster HP regen (+20 per turn) and gain full XP from Raiders until they reach level 6.

Each player starts with one Infantry and one Machine Gun. New units are then available randomly in city ruins and Raider's Camps, and you can gain new units and supplies in the following ways:

  • Finding and walking in a Ruined City can grant an Infantry, a Machine Gunner, an AT Crew, a Civilian or 20 experience points.
  • Clearing a Raider Camp grants a Helicopter, an AT Crew, or a Thermonuclear Device (Civ6) Thermonuclear Device.
  • Supply Drops can appear near the Red Death ring edge after it has started to advance. These lucrative drops can grant a Tank, a Mobile Artillery, or a Thermonuclear Device (Civ6) Thermonuclear Device.

Strategy Edit

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Civilizations Edit

  • Cultists (Deeply Invested Cultists)
    • Civilization Ability: Observing The End (All units have +3 sight.)
    • Civilization Ability: The Undying Eye (Cultists start the game with a crippled GDR (that they worship). The GDR starts heavily damaged and does not heal or gain experience normally. The GDR earns promotions by the willing sacrifice of adjacent Cultist units.)
  • Borderlords (Very Goth Borderlords)
    • Civilization Ability: Living on the Edge (+10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength when 3 hexes or closer to the Safe Zone border.)
    • Civilization Ability: Grieving Gift (As a free action, any Borderlord unit can designate a hex for a booby trapped Grieving Gift on the next turn. The Grieving Gift will look like a normal Supply Drop to all other players. The Borderlords can store up to two Grieving Gifts and they take 5 turns to recharge.)
  • Jocks (Meanest Jocks)
    • Civilization Ability: Witness Perfection (+5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength.)
    • Civilization Ability: Hail Mary Pass (Lob a "Hail Mary" small tactical nuke from any combat unit every 6 turns.)
  • Mutants (Horribly Scarred Mutants)
    • Civilization Ability: Radiant Personalities (-50% Red Death damage.)
    • Civilization Ability: Radioactive Movement (+3 Civ6Movement Movement for all units in the Red Death.)
    • Civilization Ability: Radiant Personalities (Mutant units absorb 10 Radiation Charges per turn starting in the Red Death or WMD fallout. Mutant units spread Red Death to non-contaminated hexes once per Radiation Charge. Mutant units do not take damage from Red Death hexes they've created.)
  • Doomsday Preppers (Insane Doomsday Preppers)
    • Civilization Ability: Always Prepare for the Worst (All units have +100% experience bonus.)
    • Civilization Ability: Improvised Traps (All Prepper units can build a limited number of Improvised Trap improvements. Improvised Traps explode and deal 25 damage if any unit moves onto the hex. Preppers find more Improvised Traps by exploring City Ruins, Raider Camps, or Supply Drops. Improvised Traps are invisible to all non-Prepper factions.)
  • Pirates (Irradiated Pirates)
    • Civilization Ability: Water Logged (All units take 50% less water damage and ignore additional movement cost from embarking and disembarking.)
    • Civilization Ability: Buried Treasure (Pirates start the game with a buried treasure map represented by an additional supply drop on the map. Pirates get a special reward and a new buried treasure map by visiting that location. As a free action, Pirates can burn their treasure map and get a new one every 6 turns.)
  • Mad Scientists (Ethically Challenged Scientists)
    • Civilization Ability: This Will Only Hurt a Bit (All units heal 2x faster.)
    • Civilization Ability: Defensive Inertial Shielding (All units can deploy Defensive Inertial Shielding that provides a +10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength while defending. Shielding also provides full immunity to water, Red Death, and WMD blast damage. Defensive Inertial Shielding lasts for 4 turns and takes 6 turns to recharge.)
  • Wanderers (Free Willed Wanderers)
    • Civilization Ability: See You Later (Infantry and Machine Gunners, as well as Civilians in formation with them, have faster Civ6Movement Movement on Woods, Rainforest, and Hill terrain.)
    • Civilization Ability: Road Vision (As a free action, any unit can reveal all previously explored hexes for 1 turn. Recharging takes 3 turns.)
  • Aliens (Undercover Aliens)
    • Civilization Ability: Xenological Camouflage (All units can use Xenological Camouflage to become invisible to most units. Adjacent enemy units can see Camouflaged units. Attacking deactivates Xenological Camouflage. Xenological Camouflage lasts for 6 turns and takes 6 turns to recharge.)
    • Civilization Ability: Xenological Regeneration (All units heal every turn outside of water, Red Death, or WMD fallout regardless of movement or actions. Aliens heal 50% slower.)
  • Zombies (Zombie Beastmasters)
    • Civilization Ability: Barely Weaponized Zombies (Zombie Beastmasters have replaced all combat units with barely controlled Zombie Hordes. City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops grant additional Zombie Hordes instead of traditional units. Zombie Hordes create a new Zombie Horde when they combat kill a non-zombie enemy unit. Zombie Hordes do not suffer combat penalties when damaged.)
    • Civilization Ability: Brains! (Zombie Hordes do not heal normally and take damage slowly over time. Zombie Hordes heal when they kill units or get promoted. City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops also heal Zombie Hordes. Zombie Hordes can sense the closest unseen enemy unit up to 8 hexes away. Zombie Hordes have +5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength when defending against ranged attacks.)

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Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Do Unto Others (Civ6)
Do Unto Others
Nuclear Strike another faction in the Red Death scenario
The first half of Jesus' Golden Rule in his Sermon at the Mount.
Steam achievement Have Them Do Unto You (Civ6)
Have Them Do Unto You
Get nuked by another faction in the Red Death scenario
The second half of Jesus' Golden Rule in his Sermon at the Mount.
Steam achievement Hope Springs Eternal (Civ6)
Hope Springs Eternal
Be defeated 5 times in the Red Death scenario.
A phrase attributed to the poem An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope.
Steam achievement Reinforcements Have Arrived (Civ6)
Reinforcements Have Arrived
Claim a Supply Drop in the Red Death scenario
A common EVA quote from 'Command & Conquer, a series of real-time strategy games.
Steam achievement The Good Die Young (Civ6)
The Good Die Young
Lose your last Civilian within the first ten turns in the Red Death scenario
A phrase whose original version was coined by Greek historian Herodotus, meaning 'well-regarded people who are morally upright, kind, beneficent tend to die at a younger age than do most people'.
Steam achievement The Test of Royale (Civ6)
The Test of Royale
Win the Red Death scenario
Probably a combination of the Test of Time and the game type of Red Death (i.e. Battle Royale).
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