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 "When we build, let us think that we build forever."
– John Ruskin
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Game Info[]

  • Provides +12 defense in the city it was built in
  • Defensive buildings in all cities are 25% more effective


In Brave New World, the Red Fort acquires the old bonus of the Kremlin wonder. Building it is highly recommended if you're afraid your civilization will be invaded (or if it has been invaded already), and especially if there is a militaristic nation nearby attacking everyone.

Overall, it's a useful for a defensive play. Often, its production cost may not be worth the potential of contemporary buildings or units.

Civilopedia entry[]

Built by Shah Jahan, the Lal Qil'ah in Delhi, better known as the Red Fort, was the residence and administrative palace for the Mughal emperors from 1648 AD, when construction was completed, until 1857, when the last Mughal emperor was exiled by the British government. So-called for the red sandstone used to construct its massive 75-foot high outer walls, the Red Fort is a tribute to the magnificence of Mughal architecture with large audience halls, luxurious living quarters, richly landscaped gardens, baths, libraries, and sumptuous mosques. With British occupation the Red Fort was stripped of its valuables, a number of buildings inside it were demolished, the gardens largely filled in, and it was used as a military cantonment. In 2003, the Indian government began a long-term project to restore the Red Fort to its former opulence as a tourist site.


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